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Here at SilkaWear we create fun and unique custom-made bonnets for young children who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants. Our bonnets are made up of three panels with two side panels of breathable sports mesh and a top panel of cotton stretch material that provide the utmost in comfort fitting snugly so your child's hearing aids or cochlear implants stay on.

Comments from some parents:

"...I recently purchased two of your bonnets. We love them. It really has made a big difference for our family. My daughter ... is 15 months old and she was pulling her hearing aids out almost as quickly as you could get them in. My husband and I were really frustrated and these hats have really saved us...once again thank you so much for creating a life changing product!!" B. McGowan

"Just wanted to let you know that the bonnets you sent are wonderful!! Before we got them (our son) was pulling his hearing aids out several times a day, since we got them he hasn't done it once." P. Gray

"...we are finding it very helpful. I could actually leave the room and wasn't worried that as soon as I left they would be in his mouth." E. Miller

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Special Features - Jurassic Style or Brim
Add a special feature to your bonnet!

You can now go Jurassic-style or add a brim.
So they will stay in!

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